Instrument: SPECT CT

Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) X ray computed tomography (CT) used for the examination of bio-chemical processes in healthy and pathological small animals


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Manufacturer: Mediso, NanoSPECT/CT. Installed 2013.

The NanoSPECT/CTTM is an vivo molecular imaging system which is suitable for using with small animals and unifies functional (SPECT) and anatomical (CT) imaging procedures for preclinical investigations. With 250μm 3D SPECT and 30μm CT spatial resolution exceptional image quantification is permitted with accuracy over 97%.

The system enables the examination of bio-chemical processes in healthy and disease models (eg. cancer, diabetes, stroke), determining the localisation of the radio-labelled compounds utilised as probes for the disease state, and monitoring the efficacy of interventions or administered therapies. In living subjects, the effect of candidate drugs in development can be monitored and compared in a real time aspect at multiple time points within the one subject, while drug localization as well as uptake can be quantitated and visualised from the data collected. The system is also suitable for monitoring genetic modifications and gene-therapeutic healing procedures using appropriate preclinical models.

Funding sources: ACRF

Benefits of the SPECT CT

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Technical features and specifications

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