Instrument: SLM 250HL

A fibre laser driven Generative Process 3D printer used for producing homogeneous metal components with a density of up to 99.9% using powder base materials.


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Manufacturer: SLM Solutions GmbH

The SLM 250HL is a fibre laser driven Generative Process which produces homogeneous metal components with a density of up to 99.9% using powder base materials. The geometry of the component is built layer by layer using a 3D-CAD data file. Applications for the SLM 250HL include the rapid realisation and manufacturing of tooling for stamping and sheet metal pressing, plastic and metal injection as well as multi material and hybrid designed inserts.

Funding sources: Institutional

Benefits of the SLM 250HL

The production of limited requirement components in high load materials, for example dentistry, medical implants or components for the aircraft industry are also applications for the SLM Technology.

Technical features and specifications

Metals selectively melted in the SLM 250 include but are not restricted to:
» Aluminum
» Nickel
» Stainless steel
» Precious metals
» Titanium

Unique Features
» Open software architecture including the module for material development does enable the user to modify the system parameters according to his production or research needs.
» The ability to produce metal components that would be nearly if not impossible to produce using any sort of conventional manufacturing process (casting, injection moulding).
» The more complex the part geometry the cheaper.
» Unused powder can be recycled and reused and the argon gas used in the process is also recirculated through the machine to minimize waste.

Technical Specification
» Build Chamber in mm (x/y/z) 250 x 250 x 350
» Laser Power 200/400 W, YLR-Faser-Laser
» Build Speed 15 ccm/h
» Layer thickness 20 μm – 75 μm
» Min. Scan Line / Wall thickness 140 μm
» Operational Beam Focus variable 60 μm -200 μm
» Scan Speed 20 m/s
» Inert gas Consumption in Operation Ar/N2, 2,5 l/min


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation

Access: Access pricing may vary