Siemens 3 Tesla Skyra whole body scanner

Wide bore Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) scanner used for clinical and pre-clinical MRI imaging


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Manufacturer: Siemens, Skyra. Installed 2010.

The Siemens 3 Tesla Skyra MRI scanner has a 70cm wide bore, a full range of imaging coils including an advanced 32-channel head coil, a 20 channel head and neck coil, a 32 channel spine coil, and an 18 channel body coil. The scanner console includes advanced reconstruction and analysis software for functional and diffusion neuroimaging, perfusion imaging, flow quantification, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal electroencephalagrapy system and an SR Instruments eye tracking unit.

[204×64] XQ Gradients

Head Neck 20
Spine 32 Coil
Body 18 Coil
4 Ch Flex Coil Kit
32-channel Head Coil

Advanced Software:
Flow Quantification
Argus Flow
Neuro Perfusion Package
Neuro fMRI/DTI includes: Inline BOLD, 3D PACE, 3D BOLD Evaluation, fMRI Trigger Converter, DTI, DTI Tractography and DTI Evaluation
1 x Spectroscopy Package

Benefits of the Siemens 3 Tesla Skyra whole body scanner

Human and preclinical magnetic resonance imaging research projects, including
– Simultaneous fMRI and EEG recording
– Oculomotor Motor System
– MR Compatible Pulse Oximeter
– Neuropsychological Testing

Technical features and specifications

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