Residual Stress X-Ray Diffractometer

X-Ray Diffractometer used for Measuring residual stress in materials


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Manufacturer: Proto

The residual stress instrument is a Proto iXRD Residual Stress and Retained Austenite Measurement System, fitted in a laboratory x-ray cabinet. The instrument is capable of collecting residual stress data on a wide range of material and sample types.

We offer a consultancy program, and can provide information on the integration of diffraction analysis into your programmes of interest.

Benefits of the Residual Stress X-Ray Diffractometer

The instrument gives a fast, easy, non-destructive way in which to determine the residual stress present in you material of interest.

Technical features and specifications

The residual stress instrument is currently fitted with a chromium x-ray source, but is also able to use copper and manganese sources, depending on your sample.

An XYZR stage is fitted with +/- 120 mm travel is XY, ~300mm in Z and 360° rotation. A four point bend test stage is available for samples of at least 80 mm long and at most 23 mm wide.

There are a range of spot sizes and shapes, depending on the samples to be measured.

Stress mapping of surfaces is possible.

The instrument can also measure retained austenite levels in steels.


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: Facility staff operate this instrument
Access: Access pricing may vary