Raman Microscope

Instrument: Raman Microscope

An optical microscope combined with a Raman spectrometer capable of point, line and grid scanning used for acquiring optical images, Raman spectra and chemical distribution maps using Raman spectra


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Dr. Phil Wright

Phone: 9903 9020



Manufacturer: PerkinElmer, RamanMicro 200. Installed 2015.

An optical microscope capable of measuring the Raman spectrum of material at a point along a line and on a grid, and of producing a chemical map of the surface of a sample

Benefits of the Raman Microscope

– USB video camera for sample alignment

Technical features and specifications

– 785 nm laser variable power laser
– Spectral range: 95 – 3200 cm-1
– Peak resolution: < 10 cm-1 FWHM
– Pixel resolution: 3 cm-1
– Laser spot size: 10-200 micron
– Optical microscope: Olympus® BX51 Reflected Illumination Frame
– Magnification: 5x, 20x and 50 x


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