QIH-9 Hot Isostatic Press

Hot Isostatic Press used for Advanced manufacturing


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Mr. Ben Batagol

Phone: +613 9905 3895



Manufacturer: Avure, QIH-9. Installed 1993.

The QIH-9 Hot Isostatic Press uses a combination of up to 2000 degree celcius temperature and up to 3000 Bar pressure in a HIP furnace to improve material properties and manufacture component/parts.

Benefits of the QIH-9 Hot Isostatic Press

The unique combination of high pressure and high temperature make it possible to produce components/parts from encapsulated powders with substantially improved properties.

Technical features and specifications

2000oC Maximum Temperature
3000Bar Maximum Pressure
Graphite & Molybdenum Furnace’s
Maximum sample weight 35Kg
150mm dia X 300mm Capacity
20oC/min Heating & Cooling capacity (Subject to load)
All samples are processed using high purity Argon

Price list

Pricing category Price


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: Facility staff operate this instrument
Access: External researcher use available