Instrument: PlatformConnect

Online resource used for easier discovery of the facility you need to complete your job


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Post author: Gerard Gibbs. Last update: 20/05/2015 at 10:16 pm by Gerard Gibbs.





Manufacturer: VPTN, v1.0. Installed 2014.

Do you need a service provider with the availability and know-how for your project, who can meet your time frame? PlatformConnect links you with experts across the VPTN and their technologies in a simple three step process.

Funding sources: Victorian State Government

Benefits of the PlatformConnect

Use PlaformConnect to efficiently find a provider who can deliver on those outcomes. All facilities in the VPTN are registered PlatformConnect service providers. Any person can register to be a service seeker – industry and researchers, no matter where you are from.

Technical features and specifications

Step 1: Create an account and post a Project, describing the outcomes you need. It is 100% free to post a Project. Choose a Discipline Area and Category that best match your needs. VPTN facilities active in those areas will be automatically notified.

Step 2: Wait for the bids to come rolling in from the registered Providers – VPTN facilities. Have a private discussion to clarify requirements and methodologies.

Step 3: Chose your best match. Start working with the connected platform.

Price list

Pricing category Price
Creating an account Free
Post a project Free
Respond to bids Free


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training not required
Access: External researcher use available