Instrument: PET MR

Dual mode Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Magnetic Resonance (MR) used for obtaining soft tissue images with detailed quantitative imaging data are achieved within just one study


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Manufacturer: Mediso, nanoScan PM. Installed 2013.

By combining a high-performing PET system and compact MRI technology, NanoScan® PM PET/MRI provides preclinical whole body soft tissue images with detailed quantitative imaging data within just one study. Specifically, the PET camera offers quantitative 3D spatial resolution at 700 µm combined with uniquely large field-of-view. The 1 Tesla permanent magnet for MRI provides you with 100 µm resolution with advanced sequences and ensures robust imaging across a broad range of biological applications including:
• Oncology
• Tumor biology
• Stem cell investigations
•Regenerative medicine
• Neuroscience and receptor studies
• cardiology
• Immunology, inflammation
• Multimodal contrast agent development
• Animal model development and phenotyping
• Nephrology
• Pharmacokinetics
• PET development of radiotracers

Funding sources: ACRF

Benefits of the PET MR

Full details can be obtained in the attached instrument information pdf

Technical features and specifications

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