Instrument: Microtome

Precision instrument for producing thin sections of paraffin embedded tissues used for Producing thin (1 – 15 micron) sections of tissue for histological analysis


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Manufacturer: Leica, RM 2245 semi motorised microtome. Installed 2010.

Microtomes are available for training and subsequent hire for producing thin sections of paraffin embedded tissues

Benefits of the Microtome

The microtome permits accurate and standard sectioning of tissues at preset thicknesses for histological staining and/or immunohistochemical labeling procedures.

Technical features and specifications

None have been added

Price list

Pricing category Price
External user (after facility training) $30 per hour


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training provided

Private: Microtome

Access to the HCSL’s microtomes is provided to students and researchers who are considered competent after completion of the induction and training program. The training session consists of 1h of personalised training followed by 2h of closely supervised practice. For users with prior cryostat or microtome experience, a 30min facility and safety induction session must be undertaken before gaining access to HCSL equipment.