Instrument: Microinjector

Injection Microscope used for Microinjection of ES cells


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Manufacturer: Leica, AM6000 with Eppendorf ICSI Mouse and Pronuclear Injection Set Up

Leica AM6000 stand, prepered for all contrasting methods depending to the optic carrier. Prepared for motorized right and left ports with different light­splits. Prepared for motorized magnification changer. Including Motorized and coded Objective turret for all contrasting techniques and for 6x M25 threat objectives with 45mm parfocal­distance. Motorized and coded Z­ focus (steps 0,05µ, 0,1µ, 0,7µ, 1,5µ, 5,0µ), electronic focus repositioning, electronic parfocality, automatic lowering prior to objective change. Leica HCS infinity optics, Field of view 25mm.

Funding sources: NCRIS, NHMRC, Victorian State Government

Benefits of the Microinjector

Improved injection of ES cells

Technical features and specifications

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