Methacrylate microtomes

Microtomes used for Generation of GMA (resin) sections.


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Manufacturer: Leica, RM2165, RM2265

Fully programmable, motorised rotary microtomes used for cutting resin (GMA) sections. Consistent cutting speed and force produces high quality sections. The microtome consists of a knife holder (which utilizes glass knives), the specimen clamp and an advance mechanism to deliver the specimen block to the cutting blade at the choice of section thickness. Microtome section thickness ranges from 0.25-60μm. The MHP has three microtomes available for registered users. All microtomes are fitted with flywheel locking mechanisms for user safety.

Benefits of the Methacrylate microtomes

Ability to sections difficult tissues at a range of thicknesses.

Technical features and specifications

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Operation: User or facility staff operate