Instrument: MCID

Nikon Microphot SA with MCID analysis software used for densitometry


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Post author: Verena Wimmer. Last update: 20/05/2015 at 3:29 pm by Verena Wimmer.





Nikon Microphot SA with brightfield and darkfield imaging and cooled CCD camera.
MCID Elite V7 image analysis system for digital densitometry and gel/blot analysis.

Benefits of the MCID

This system is optimised for digital densitometry and gel/ blot analsyis.

Technical features and specifications

Upright Nikon Microphot SA; brightfield and darkfield imaging, SPOT RT3 cooled CCD camera
Plan 4x DL PhL /0.13 Dry 14mm; Plan Apo 10x 0.45 Dry 11mm; Plan Apo 20x /0.5 Dry 1.15mm; EPlan 40x /0.65 Dry 0.2mm; Plan 60x /0.85 Oil 0.11- 0.23mm; Fluor 100x /1.30 Oil 0.13mm
MCID Elite V7 image analysis system


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training provided
Access: Book it on ARIN, External researcher use available