LTQ Orbitrap Elite ETD

Mass Spectromer used for high resolution and high mass accuracy protein charaterisation.


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Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific. Installed 2013.

The Orbitrap Elite is a high performance hybrid mass spectrometer combining the high-field Orbitrap mass analyzer with the latest dual pressure linear ion trap, allowing increased speed, sensitivity and dynamic range. It can achieve mass resolutions of 240,000 with mass accuracy typically < 3 ppm with external calibration making it ideal for analyzing high complexity proteomics samples.
The Elite is coupled to a nanoUPLC Ultimate 3000 system (Thermo-Scientific) with flow rate of 250 to 600 nL/min.

Benefits of the LTQ Orbitrap Elite ETD

The LTQ Orbitrap Elite supports a variety of different fragmentation techniques. In the characterization of post-translational modifications, especially labile modifications such as phosphorylation and glycosylation, ETD is a very valuable tool that complement the typical Collision Induced Dissociation (CID). The Elite is also equipped with High energy C-trap Dissociation (HCD) which provide peptide fragmentation technique used in iTRAQ and TMT quantification approaches. It is equipped with the heated ESI (H-ESI II) and the nanoESI (nanoSpray Flex Ion) sources, as well as the nanochiped based infusion Advion TriVera Nanomate®.

Technical features and specifications

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