Leica DMLB

Instrument: Leica DMLB

Upright fluorescence microscope used for stereology


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Manufacturer: Leica, DMLB

Stereology system with Stereoinvestigator and Picture Frame software. Optronics Microfire camera and Lucivid system. LudL motorised microscope XYZ stage.

Benefits of the Leica DMLB

The mbf Bioscience Lucivid system overlays graphics or text onto the microscope image to aid 2D and 3D analysis of microscopic structures.

Technical features and specifications

Upright Leica DMLB. Bright field and fluorescence, UV/blue/green excitation filters. Optronics Microfire camera. LudL motorised microscope XYZ stage. mbf Bioscience Lucivid system.
N Plan 2.5x/0.07, HC PL Fluotar 10x/0.3, HC PL Fluotar 20x/0.5, Plan Fluotar 40x/1.00-0.5, HCX Pl Apo 63x/1.32-0.,6 HCX Plan Fluotar 100x/1.3
Software: Stereo-Investigator, Picture Frame


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training provided
Access: Book it on ARIN, External researcher use available