JEOL 8900R Electron Probe microanalyser with 5 WDS and JEOL EDS

Electron microprobe microanalyser (EPMA) with high precision optical encoded stage used for Trace element microanalysis and mapping of large areas, rare phase location and quantification


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Manufacturer: JEOL, 8900R. Installed 1994.

Five wavelength dispersive spectrometers and integrated energy disersive spectrometer for trace microanalysis

Benefits of the JEOL 8900R Electron Probe microanalyser with 5 WDS and JEOL EDS

Trace element microanalysis optimised for trace analysis of light elements and transition row elements. Quantitative microanalysis from Be – U with detection limits down to 10ppm.

Advanced Data analysis through an inhouse developed hyperspectral data analysis – CHIMAGE.
A large collection of characterized mineral and synthetic standards are available for use with this instrument offering the ability to analyse majors, minors and traces and correct for matrix effects as well as measure uncertainty in measurement.

Technical features and specifications

The light optics have been optimised enabling weak cathodoluminescence signals to be captured and mapped together with x-ray and electron signals. Fully integrated JEOL EDS x-ray detector enables quantitative microanalysis which can be optimised between EDS and WDS to minimise dwell time of beam sensitive materials. This is critical for the quantification of elements in carbonates, sulphates and hydrated minerals. Elemental maps can be collected and the data analysed using advanced cluster routines implemented in CHIMAGE.

Price list

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Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: Facility staff operate this instrument
Access: External researcher use available