Instrument: INDIKO

Clinical and Specialty Chemistry System used for Routine clinical chemistry for example lipid and glucose analysis, specific proteins


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Post author: Kellie Hamill. Last update: 10/11/2015 at 9:52 am by Kellie Hamill.


Professor Helen Truby

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Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific. Installed 2014.

This instrument is a cost-effective solution for small and medium clinical research. It has the ability analysis up to 4 reagents and preform extended incubations up to 1 hour. The system uses disposable cuvettes to minimize the amount of water required by the analyzer and reduces cross contamination. It has the capacity to analyze up to 200 photometric tests/hr.

Benefits of the INDIKO

This instrument allows a walk away time for up to 2 hours. You have continuous access to samples, cuvettes and reagents without interrupting the testing process.

Technical features and specifications

Sample volume: 2 – 120ul
Reagent volume: 2 – 240ul
Reaction volume: 120 – 300ul


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation

Access: Access pricing may vary, External researcher use available