Huygens Core

Instrument: Huygens Core

Deconvolution server used for network accessible deconvolution


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Manufacturer: Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI). Installed 2014.

Huygens Core is a full compute engine running image processing and deconvolution jobs on a large 64 bit multiprocessor server. HRM (Huygens Remote Manager) is a web task manager to provide a user-friendly wizard interface to Huygens Core.
The following functionalities are available:
• Online multi-user batch deconvolution
• Integrated co-localisation analysis
• Experimental PSF extraction from bead image stacks
• Correction of artifacts such as chromatic shifts, crosstalk, and object movement
• Signal to Noise ratio estimation tools
• Automatic metadata imports
• Clear reports with the parameters used in the deconvolution
• Upload sets of images at once

Benefits of the Huygens Core

Artifacts like blurring, noise, and chromatic aberration distort microscopic images and affect the ‘true’ object distribution.Consequently, image interpretation and subsequent co-localization analysis and quantitative objects measurements are severely hampered.
Fortunately, the most important distortion factor of a fluorescence microscope – blurring – can be captured as the
Point Spread Function (PSF). The PSF is the image of a single point object, and can be regarded as the basic
building block from which your acquired image is constructed. The Huygens software uses this PSF to trace back
this construction process to the original constituent object, thus restoring it. As a result, image contrast and resolution will be significantly improved, while decreasing noise.
Deconvolution can be used on confocal, epi-fluorescence and brightfield images. In addition to the deconvolution and analysis functions available using the HRM wizard, Huygens Core has all functionalities as Huygens Professional if users can use Tcl commands.

Technical features and specifications

Server: 32GB RAM, 3TB Storage, 2.0GHz Xeon 6C CPU

Price list

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Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training provided
Access: External researcher use available