Instrument: GC MS MS

GC hybrid Q-TOF MS with cold EI source and CTC CombiPal sample manager used for separation and identification of unknown volatile and semi-volatile compounds


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Dr. Phil Wright

Phone: 9903 9020



Manufacturer: PerkinElmer, Clarus 680/AxION iQT. Installed 2016.

PerkinElmer GC hybrid Q-TOF MS with cold EI source and CTC CombiPal sample manager

Benefits of the GC MS MS

The Clarus 680 is a high throughput gas chromatograph which can run ballistic thermal gradients for short analysis times and fast cool down cycles. The Q-TOF MS/MS allows identification and quantitation of specific analytes in complex samples. The cold EI source enhances the generation of molecular ions, which greatly simplifies the identification of unknown compounds. The fully programmable CombiPal autosampler enables on-line sample extraction and derivatization, along with headspace and SPME sampling modes.

Technical features and specifications

Clarus 680:
– Ambient to 450C oven temperature range,
– 160C/min maximum temperature programming rate,
– 450 to 50C re-equilibration time of < 2.0 min.
– linear dynamic range of 100,000.
– Mass range of 10-1200 amu,
– scan rate of 50,000 amu/sec
– 500 MS/MS scans per sec


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