FEI Magellan 400 XHR FEGSEM

Scanning Electron Microscope used for Topography, morphology, chemical composition


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Manufacturer: FEI, Magellan 400 XHR FEGSEM. Installed 2012.

The Magellan 400 FEGSEM is an extreme high resolution (XHR) instrument equipped with a monochromator allowing improved resolution at low accelerating voltages. This system is fitted with a Quickloader sample loading station allowing for fast transfer of samples without compromising the vacuum. Also equipped with a large area SDD x-ray detector, the Magellan can perform fast x-ray mapping with large count rates.

Funding sources: Institutional

Benefits of the FEI Magellan 400 XHR FEGSEM

The FEI Magellan is one of very few instruments fitted with a monochromator, allowing improved performance below 5kV.

Technical features and specifications

FEG; 5-axis piezo stage; IR chamber camera; oil-free pumping system; retractable DBS annular BSE detector; retractable STEM3 detector; quick loader; beam deceleration; in-lens detectors; NavCam; plasma cleaner; cryo-trap; Bruker Quantax 400 X-ray analysis system and 30mm2 SDD with super light element window (slew).

Price list

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