Instrument: Ellipsometer

Spectroscopic Ellispometer used for Thin Film Characterisation


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Manufacturer: J.A.Woollam, M-2000 XI. Installed 2012.

Spectroscopic ellipsometry is an optical characterisation technique typically used to determine the thickness of thin films. Polarised light is shined on the surface, reflected and received by the detector. The changes in polarisation upon interaction with the sample surface enable a number of other parameters also to be determined: roughness, crystalline nature, doping concentration and electrical conductivity.

Benefits of the Ellipsometer

Wide spectral Range Ellipsometer
Characterisation of optical properties of thin films
Non-invasive film thickness measurement
In-situ analysis

Technical features and specifications

Spectral Range of 210-1690 nm
Variable angle
Focussing probes
Heating cell
Liquid cell
Automated Sample Translation


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