DV Elite

Instrument: DV Elite

Widefield microscope used for live cell imaging experiments


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Post author: Paul McMillan. Last update: 28/02/2014 at 3:49 pm by Paul McMillan.






The DV Elite widefield restorative deconvoltuion microscope is ideally suited for live cell imaging experiments. It is fitted with an environmental chamber and a controller for controlling the gaseous environment. It can also be used for fixed cell experiments, but is not suited to thick tissue section experiments.

Benefits of the DV Elite

Live cell imaging with temperature & gas control.

Use wide field deconvolution to turn your fuzzy wide field image into beautifully crisp image.

The system has a motorised stage that enables tile scan or multi-point visiting experiments.

Technical features and specifications

Inverted system with temperacture and gas controllers
Objective: 63x Oil (1.4NA), 100x Oil (1.4NA)
Lasers: 390nm, 438nm, 475nm, 513nm, 542nm, 575nm and 632nm diode (Insight SSI)
Emission (BP filters): DAPI (435/48nm), CFP (470/24nm), YFP (559/38nm), FITC (523/36nm), TRITC (594/45nm), mCHERRY (632/60nm) and Cy5 (676/34nm).
Detectors: 1x CCD (Coolsnap HQ2 camera)


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training provided
Access: Internal researcher use only