Instrument: Cryostat

A Cryostat used for creating thin tissue slices of frozen tissue for subsequent histological analysis


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Manufacturer: Leica, CM 1950 and CM 1850. Installed 2012.

Access to the facilities cryostats is provided to students and researchers who are considered competent after completion of the induction and training program. The training session consists of 1h of personalised training followed by 2h of closely supervised practice. For users with prior cryostat or microtome experience, a 30min facility and safety induction session must be undertaken before gaining access to equipment.

Funding sources: Institutional

Benefits of the Cryostat

The user charge for this equipment covers equipment maintenance and consumables such as blades, anti roll plates and OCT embedding medium.

Technical features and specifications

All cryostats are well maintained and experienced staff are available for consultation and assistance


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training provided, User or facility staff operate
Access: Access pricing may vary, External researcher use available