CD Spectrometer

Instrument: CD Spectrometer

ircular Dichroism spectroscopy measuring in the UV/Vis (163-900nm) spectrum used for A very straightforward, accessible technique to investigate the secondary structure of proteins


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Manufacturer: Jasco, J815

The CD instrument measures differences in the absorption of left-handed polarized light versus right-handed polarized light that arise due to structural asymmetry.

Funding sources: Philanthropic

Benefits of the CD Spectrometer

Determination if a protein is folded.
Characterization of secondary structure α-helix, β-sheet, random coil – the CD spectrum reflects an average of the entire molecular population
Check batch to batch consistency of protein preparations. Detection of changes in structure upon mutagenesis. Studying conformational stability of proteins: in different buffers, stability in varied pH and temperature, denaturant stability (urea, guadinium hydrochloride). Detection of changes in the conformation of a protein upon protein:protein interaction.

Technical features and specifications

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