Blitz Biosensor

Instrument: Blitz Biosensor

Biosensor used for measure protein protein interactions, detection of expression of recombinant proteins


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Manufacturer: ForteBio. Installed 2013.

A variety of probes are available for use on the Blitz for detection of protein interactions.

Funding sources: NCRIS

Benefits of the Blitz Biosensor

BLItz is powered by BLI (bio-layer interferometry), a powerful label-free assay technology used by thousands of protein scientists in drug discovery and development, life sciences and academia every day. BLI is microfluidics-free, enables direct binding assays without labeling or secondary reagents, lets you monitor binding events in real time and provides excellent specificity-even in crude samples.

Technical features and specifications

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Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User or facility staff operate, User or facility staff operate pricing may vary
Access: Access pricing may vary, External researcher use available