Instrument: ARIN

Software used for scientific core facilities management, reporting and invoicing


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Post author: Gerard Gibbs. Last update: 19/05/2015 at 9:50 pm by Gerard Gibbs.





Manufacturer: Lexmark Enterprise Solutions, Version Installed 2013.

The Australian Research Infrastructure Network aims to make public research infrastructure easier to access and easier to manage. Funded by the Victorian Government, the ARIN software incorporates online booking, billing and reporting capabilities for the benefit of academic and industry researchers, facility managers, chief investigators and institutional administrators across the Victorian Platform Technologies Network.

Funding sources: Victorian State Government, Other (Monash University, Biomedical Research Victoria)

Benefits of the ARIN

From May 2014, the VPTN will open access to all facilities in the VPTN to participate in the ARIN initiative. Please contact the ARIN Manager and visit the ARIN website for more information.

Technical features and specifications

None have been added

Price list

Pricing category Price
VPTN member facilities Please contact us
Non VPTN member facilities Please contact us


Capacity: This instrument is heavily booked, We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training provided, User or facility staff operate
Access: External researcher use available
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