Agilent LC-QTOF-MS G6550AA

Liquid Chromatography – Quadrupole Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer used for Profiling/comparative metabolomics


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Manufacturer: Agilent, G6550AA. Installed 2012.

Used for Comparative or Un-targeted Metabolomics
• Unbiased
• Recommended if no prior knowledge of metabolite chemistry of biological system and can be a “fishing expedition”
• Ideal for identifying novel biomarkers or
• Ideal for identifying novel changes upon stimuli
• Results represented generally as multivariate analyses

Funding sources: NCRIS

Benefits of the Agilent LC-QTOF-MS G6550AA

Advanced technology
High sensitivity
Fast scan option for comprehensive profiling
Requires sophisticated informatics
Requires greater analyst input
Higher cost

Technical features and specifications

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