Instrument: AAS

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer used for Trace metal analysis at low detection level (ppb)


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Dr. Alex Duan

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Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer. Installed 2016.

Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) is a spectrophotometric procedure for the quantitative determination of single elements using the absorption of at a specific wavelength by free atoms in the gaseous state. Liquid samples are volatilized in either a flame or a graphite furnace. In analytical chemistry the technique is used for determining the concentration of a particular element (the analyte) in a sample to be analyzed. AAS can be used to individually determine over 70 different elements in solution. It is a very cost effective and sensitive method for the routine analysis of single elements in solution.

Benefits of the AAS

This cost effective technique allows detection of trace metals to be achieved at part per billion level.

Technical features and specifications

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Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User or facility staff operate
Access: Internal researcher use only