7T human MRI

Instrument: 7T human MRI

MRI scanner used for high resolution imaging of human brain and body


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Manufacturer: Siemens. Installed 2014.

The 7 Tesla MRI scanner is jointly funded by the University of Melbourne, the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and the National Imaging Facility. Working in the Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Unit, we will perform cutting edge, high field studies of the brain to investigate a wide range of human diseases and disorders. Sodium imaging and imaging of MR visible nuclei other than protons will also be performed together with methodological improvements in functional, structural, diffusion-weighted and perfusion-weighted MRI. Future studies will also use the capabilities of the PET/CT scanner in combination with MRI to study brain function and biochemistry in greater detail.

Funding sources: ARC LEIF, NCRIS, Institutional

Benefits of the 7T human MRI

The 7 Tesla system provides a quantum leap in imaging sensitivity, being 140,000 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field, enabling incredibly detailed images of human anatomy down to the cellular level.

Technical features and specifications



Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: Facility staff operate this instrument
Access: Access pricing may vary